Hi. I’m Dave Bloustien: a former stand-up comedian and occasional improviser with an interest in comedy and genre film. And sometimes I write very short horror stories.

These are they, and part of an old project called Grand Guignol, which may turn into a future project as well. Gosh – the cyclic nature of time, eh? More recently, I’ve expanded to include the entries I’ve written for the NYC Midnight competitions, and probably other bits and pieces I’ll put together along the way.

Anyway, that’s the stuff you find here. All the text content of this blog is written by me, of course. If you want to reprint it somewhere, contact me and I’m sure we could work something out. Otherwise just share a link which directs back to this site, like a responsible social media baron.


(ps: some of the stories are available from the drop down menu. They’re the ones I like best. But there are others on here, if you’re inclined to hunt around for them.)

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