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Losing Face

So, this is the final of the stories from the original Grand Guignol. I should have probably posted it earlier, when Eddie Obeid was facing court, especially as the papers used the same ‘he who must be Obeid’ gag. I like to think that came from a journo who saw my show.

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Bad Hair Day

It began with a haircut. A good one, too: bold, if not a little heavy on the edges. It had personality and a sense of time and place, but it wasn’t the right haircut for this particular head. And both the head and the haircut knew it. So when Marcus Fine left the house, he instinctively grabbed a hat, locking the haircut away in darkness, like a mad woman in an attic.

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The Mummy’s Cock

I’ve held off adding this story to the blog, because it’s my favourite one to perform live. But for all the tens of people who get see it, there are fives of tens who might want to read it. Besides, it’s a performance piece. I don’t think putting it up here detracts from doing it* on stage.

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