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Video Streaming

Again? Okay.

So, we’re sitting in the bedroom, just looking at stuff. Dumb stuff. There’s this YouTube video that Juls wants us to see. With a kid who’s trying to cross a river, but he slips and yells “help meeee! Get me oooout!” in this really squeaky voice. His voice is so high, and whole body disappears for a second. It’s really funny. The guy filming it is laughing. They’re all going “hellp meeee!”

And all the comments are all “help meeee!” “Get me out!” “I’ve fallen in”.

But Juls wanted to show it to us because he keeps saying there’s something in one of the frames, right? He says if you pause it just right, you can see a face in the river. Like an angry turtle with a shaved head, or something. And he reckons that’s what pulled the kid in.

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Milk Teeth

This one is for my daughter, whose first adult teeth are growing through, although she’s yet to lose the old ones, making her look like a toothy Chthonian nightmare.

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Storybook Cottage

I’m from Adelaide. Storybook Cottage is a real place and I’ve been there, many times. That’s all I’m willing to divulge (Autopsy of Adelaide: Storybook Cottage).

‘Welcome to Storybook Cottage!” screeched the sign, in cheery letters as tall as a child. The paintwork was chipped and cracked, and flecked with rust, but you could still make out a family of four: blonde girl in pigtails, her older brother with nut-brown hair and the two parents in pinafore and holiday slacks.

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