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A Whitetail in the Great Room

It’s been a while since I posted on here. I’ve been busy making humans and earning the money to feed them (#overpopulation). So I entered the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction competition to force myself to write some more. They gave us two days to write a suspense story set in a farmhouse that included a corkscrew. And I left it til two hours before the deadline (of course).

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Losing Face

So, this is the final of the stories from the original Grand Guignol. I should have probably posted it earlier, when Eddie Obeid was facing court, especially as the papers used the same ‘he who must be Obeid’ gag. I like to think that came from a journo who saw my show.

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Milk Teeth

This one is for my daughter, whose first adult teeth are growing through, although she’s yet to lose the old ones, making her look like a toothy Chthonian nightmare.

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