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The Juice and The Flesh

Another NYC Midnight short story jam. This was so far out of my wheelhouse. I loved writing it, have no idea whether it’s any good, or remotely authentic. Let me know what you think. Required elements were: romance / fruit shop / nail clippers.

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Anchor Bay Re-edits Sapphires To Better Fit Cover

Originally published by NewsLab

US film distribute Anchor Bay has responded to claims that their DVD release of The Sapphires is “racist and sexist” by re-editing all black women out of the movie, to better reflect the image on the cover.

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Psychologists Create False Memories In Mice … Or Do They?

Originally published by NewsLab.

Scientists at MIT who implanted or ‘incepted’ false memories in the brains of mice were surprised to discover their experiment was a false memory implanted by the mice themselves. Continue reading